About us

We specialize in the development of customized websites and software for all types of businesses. With a team of developers passionate about new technologies, we offer a wide range of services, from showcase website development to complex mobile applications, e-commerce websites, hosting and facilities management, SEO, audits, training and much more.

Un homme avec un sac à dos dans un champ avec des éoliennes. C'est une image d'illustration principale utilisé sur le site de l'agence digitale AXELITES

Customized development, expert team, personalized customer service

Our approach is distinguished by the creation of tailor-made development solutions, precisely shaped by our team of experts. We firmly believe in the importance of personalized customer service, guiding every step of the process to meet our customers’ specific needs. Thanks to this integral approach, we are able to deliver unique, high-performance solutions that exceed expectations.


Our vision

Our vision is based on the conviction that each individual possesses a unique talent, and our mission is to harness this potential to meet our customers’ needs.

Every employee is considered a valuable resource, helping to create exceptional solutions and creatively meet challenges.

At Axelites, excellence comes from the synergy between our team’s unique skills and our customers’ aspirations, creating tailor-made solutions for every challenge.

Un garçon avec un sac à dos debout dans un champ de blé pour illustrer le succès de la société AXELITES

Our values

Customer focus

This is the compass that guides our company, making us constantly attentive to our customers, understanding their needs and offering them solutions adapted to their requirements.

Continuous improvement

It’s our conviction that constantly pushes us to push back the boundaries, to question our practices and to seek out opportunities for innovation.


We believe in what we do and we do it with love


Innovation is the DNA of our company, inspiring us to push back the frontiers of creativity, embrace change and imagine innovative solutions.