Aurelia Compose

Automatically generate product titles and descriptions for Magento, based on AI.

Using artificial intelligence, AureliaCompose automates the creation of product titles and descriptions for e-commerce sites.
This solution analyses product characteristics to generate relevant and engaging content, simplifying catalogue management and improving the user experience.

Ideal for e-tailers, it optimises referencing and the attractiveness of products online.

Un homme avec un sac à dos dans un champ avec des éoliennes. C'est une image d'illustration principale utilisé sur le site de l'agence digitale AXELITES

Our solutions


Ultra-fast instant search for product catalogues, easy Magento integration.

AureliaExplore is a revolutionary search solution for product catalogues, offering ultra-fast performance with InstantSearch.
Capable of filtering and sorting with extreme precision, it displays results in just a few microseconds.
Perfectly integratable, it can replace Magento's default search engine or be used for product listing pages, offering an enhanced user experience and fluid navigation.


Intelligent AI analyses sales and orders for strategic cross-selling/up-selling recommendations

AureliaSuggest, powered by AI, optimises cross-selling and up-selling by analysing buying behaviour and sales trends.
This solution offers personalised product recommendations, improving the customer experience and increasing sales.
It continuously adapts to market trends, ensuring that suggestions are always relevant and effective for e-tailers looking to maximise their sales opportunities.