Are you an employer?

Recruiting IT talent remains a major challenge for many companies. The shortage of qualified profiles, the high costs associated with the recruitment process, and the intense competition in the market make the task even more daunting.

Companies invest significant time and money to identify and attract the most competent candidates, often without guaranteeing satisfactory results.

With our IT resource placement service, you can focus on growing your business with confidence, knowing that your IT talent needs are in good hands thanks to our expertise in IT recruitment.

What we offer you

Save Money and time

Our resource placement service enables you to save valuable time and financial resources by outsourcing the recruitment process. We handle all the stages, from candidate search to integration, allowing you to focus on your core activities

Access to a Pool of IT Talent

Through our extensive network, you have access to a pool of qualified and diverse IT talent. We identify the top candidates that match your specific needs, enabling you to quickly find profiles that are most suitable for your projects and company culture.

IT Recruitment Experts

Our specialized IT recruitment team possesses in-depth expertise in the field. They understand the technical requirements and skills sought by companies, enabling them to accurately identify and assess the best talents to meet your specific IT recruitment needs.

Continuous Support

We provide continuous follow-up throughout the placement process to ensure your satisfaction and the success of your recruitments. Our team remains available to answer your questions, address any potential issues, and offer ongoing support even after candidates have integrated into your team.

Various Placement Options

We offer a range of flexible placement solutions to meet your recruitment needs. Whether you're seeking candidates for temporary projects, long-term assignments, or permanent positions, our resource placement service provides options tailored to your company and goals.

How It Works?

1.Gathering and understanding your IT recruitment needs

2.Selection of candidates who best fit your needs

3. Presentation of Candidates

4. Coordination of interviews between you and the selected candidates

5. Onboarding and post-placement follow-up for long-term client and candidate satisfaction